Orbiter Copper Wind Sculpture


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Everyone loves these copper wind sculptures. When you watch it spin, you can see why. The graceful kinetic sculputres are wonderful to watch, as the inside sculpture spins in the opposing direction from the outside sculpture. The artist hangs a smaller Infinity style copper spinner inside a larger double copper swirl. While he is bending and twisting the copper into shape, he makes a pefect edge/lip enabling it to catch the wind and spin in the desired direction. The artist also uses a flame to create heat patterns in the finish. To keep these sculputres a shiny copper color, just spray with a clear lacquer periodically. If left to age on their own, over time they will turn a lovely patina green. All of our copper wind sculptures include a high quality swivel and a 12″ copper hook. Optional Motors are available for hanging in a non windy location (like indoors). Three sizes to choose from. Made in the USA!

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Orbiter 12, Orbiter 14, Orbiter 18