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Our Copper fountains are handcrafted by Daniel Doolittle. They are 100% Copper, including the copper brazing rod used to join the sculptures together.
The Patina finish is created by a chemical process that is similar to what tap water will do over time in nature. This process creates beautiful hues of blue and Verde.
Copper fountains are easiest to care for when you just let them change to their beautiful whites, blues and greens,much like the “Statue of Liberty”. Maintenance only consists of cleaning off the pump intake and changing the water! If you would like to keep the fountains just as they are, it requires a little more work, like keeping them indoors and using distilled water.You should then empty them after use and wipe down with a soft cloth and dry thoroughly!
Proper care of your fountain will ensure having a fountain for generations to come and not only that, you will have a one of a kind, sculpted, handcrafted piece of art!
 All of our fountains are designed for outdoor and indoor use and are adjusted to have no splash!
We have a “Lifetime” warranty on our craftsmanship. Pumps have a Limited warranty for “1 year” and usually last 5 to 8 years.

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15", 17-18", 25-30", 36", Palm Tree